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Photographic technique known as \”ghost mannequin,\” also referred to as \”invisible mannequin,\” is frequently used in product photography, especially for clothing and accessories. It involves hiding the visible mannequin from the picture and fabricating the appearance of an invisible model wearing the outfit.


A product is photographed from various angles while being worn by a mannequin or model to produce the ghost mannequin effect. The visible mannequin is then removed from the images during post-processing in order to produce a seamless and realistic effect. As a result, there is no support or other object in the image other than the clothing or accessory itself.

Online retailers, fashion labels, and photographers all use the ghost mannequin technique to present their merchandise in a more polished and interesting way. Customers can more clearly picture the fit, style, and features of a garment thanks to this, which may result in higher conversion rates and more sales.

Many reputable photo editing businesses provide ghost mannequin editing services. These services entail the seamless and lifelike creation of a ghost mannequin effect by removing the visible mannequin or model from an image of a clothing or accessory product.

The process of ghost mannequin photo editing typically involves the following steps:

  1. Image selection: The client supplies the product images that need to be edited to remove the ghost mannequin.
  2. Image preparation: The images are resized, cropped, and, if necessary, their exposure and color are changed.
  3. Background removal: Using sophisticated image editing methods like masking or clipping path, the visible mannequin or model is taken out of the picture.
  4. Image composition: The product\’s side, back, and front views are combined to produce a seamless and lifelike ghost mannequin effect.
  5. Retouching: The final image is retouched to eliminate any flaws, wrinkles, or shadows and to improve the product\’s overall appearance.

E-commerce merchants, fashion labels, and photographers frequently use ghost mannequin photo editing services to present their wares in a more expert and interesting manner. The attention is drawn to the product itself when the mannequin or model is obscured from view, which can result in higher conversion rates and greater sales.

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